Whaddup, Charity?

I’m sorry this blog hasn’t been all that active lately. I’m bored with blogging and don’t much see the point. But I’ll catch you up on what I’m excited about.

At work: my schedule changed around, which means I’ll have every Friday off. Do you know what this means? IT MEANS I CAN SEE THE HOBBIT OPENING DAY WITH MY BUDS! Well, unless it snows, but it would have to snow a hell of a lot to keep me out of a theater seat. Particularly after seeing Lee Pace as an Elf. HOT!!

Recently: I ordered my dress for Halloween. I made earrings to match. Now, I sit and wait for the Chinese girl making my costume to send me a shipping notification. Oh, did I say sit? I meant, obsessively counting down the estimated shipping days!

This afternoon: my super duper special collector’s edition of Titanic will arrive. I very nearly bought the ordinary Blu Ray release, but at the last minute I thought, “Why not?” So I did. I can’t wait to look through it and watch it in all its HD glory. I am far too excited. If I weren’t an INTJ, I would be jumping up and down and screeching, but since I am one, I’m just doing it on the inside.

Tonight: more Major Crimes! I’m so mad about Sharon Raydor it’s not even funny. Gosh, it’s nice having Mary McDonnell on my television every week.

On the 21st: my buds are coming out for a “Titanic Sleepover.” We’ll make dishes from the ship’s menu (I’m thinking fillet mignon, some sort of salad or possibly the barley soup, and chocolate mousse for dessert) and watch the movie together (minus THAT SCENE, don’t give me that look). I rarely get a chance to watch it with other people who like it as much as I do, so… yeah, excited again. Knowing our propensity for sarcasm at inappropriate moments, it’s gonna be epic.

October 11th: The Vampire Diaries starts its fourth season. I know, I shouldn’t love it but I do. I also got the first three seasons on a wicked sale deal this week so… guess I know what I’ll be doing for awhile! Also, the CW’s take on Beauty & the Beast premieres immediately afterward. Kristen Kreuk, back on TV. Life’s good. Shame Michael isn’t in it, but whatever, dude.

October 27th: I’m attending the Molly Brown House’s annual Halloween Tea. Haven’t ever done it before, so it should be fun. It’s full costume, hence my need for a Halloween dress. I ordered a replica of Rose’s Jump Dress. It would seem highly inappropriate to wear anything else.

What’s up with you lot? Anything exciting?

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    Well that’s all that matters 🙂 I’m being totally serious. I don’t know what day of the week it’s coming out in the UK, but you can bet I’ll be there with a gaggle of friends. One of them does kind of look like a hobbit, albeit blown up to three times its normal dimensions. And he smokes a pipe… For a while I’ve toyed with the idea of purchasing a hooded cloak. This could be a very good excuse.

    1. HOPEFULLY it’ll come out on the same day everywhere — it wouldn’t be fair otherwise.

      That’s cool about your friend. I’ve thought about dressing up as an Elf, but… I’m a little self-conscious for that. =D

  2. I haven’t even thought about when I’m going to go see The Hobbit…probably on the weekend or something. Or during the weekday at the earliest time possible…I don’t think crowded theatres xP

    Life sounds awesome on your end Charity! =) Nothing much has been going on my end, I sort of started at the newspaper that I’m also contributing to so now I’m juggling three! lol. My dad’s on vacation atm so he’s doing some major renovations around the house; in the process I volunteered to help with painting the living/dining/kitchen area xP That should be fun haha.

    1. I always go to matinees, which means smaller crowds and way cheaper prices ($5 instead of $10!). Hopefully you can see the movie fairly soon when it comes out! I need people to discuss it with!

  3. I think I’m going to see The Hobbit opening day….but who knows what MY work schedule will look like

    Has Major Crimes replaced The Closer and Brenda Leigh Johnson in your affections? 😉

    Wish I could come to you Titanic sleepover =D

    1. Hopefully, it’ll be nice and let you see The Hobbit when you want to!

      Um… not quite. I love Sharon, but Brenda is her own brand of wonderful crazy.

      I wish you could too. We’ll do it again next summer if you visit! =)

  4. It’s going to take a blizzard to keep me from midnight of The Hobbit. Or we’ll do what we did for Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and buy dad a ticket and have him drive through the snow….

  5. I promise, I haven’t forgotten you!! I’ve been a lot quieter on the computer lately, but I do intend to write you back. I’m thinking Wednesday, because I need to go clean since I’ll be leaving for chime practice in a little over two hours, and tomorrow’s Jon’s day off.

    I warn you, though–since I’ve been so quiet lately, I might end up writing a long e-mail!

  6. Oh, man! Come on, Charity… seriously you had to go and inform on the premiere date for CW’s latest fairy-tale re-telling!? I am already breaking my “rule” to watch the pilot of “Elementary” and now you are keeping me up-to-date about “Beauty and the Beast”??? So NOT fair, girl. ;-D LOL!

    Oooh! Cool! So glad you have a new work schedule that makes you happy.

    Other than trying to make plans to paint my room with my cousin (it will be a miracle if it actually happens), life is basically full of chopping and slicing tomatoes to can – needless to say, I am rather sick of it but hopefully this week will include a shopping trip to the city which is always fun.

    Love your new layout! It makes me feel better for my plans to change my header. AGAIN 🙂

    1. … gee, I feel SO BAD. 😉

      Hey, if I have to suffer and watch a TV show week to week, waiting for the next episode, I feel my agony should be shared. We’ll have to compare notes after it airs.

      Since Fridays are movie release days… OH YEAH.

      Paint your room! That’s an order, missy! I hear you on chopping tomatoes… or rather, doing the same darn thing for days on end. Boy, do I hear you on that. =P

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