I wish I could express the sheer level of awesomeness that having a friend over for the night is. But I can’t. To know about it, you must be a part of it. So here are some random conclusions.

Carissa and I have decided after long and considerable debate, enthusiastic conversation, and a generous helping of caffeine that another friend we met up with this week needs to move permanently to this state. How to convince her husband and arrange it is a challenge indeed. But it must happen, if only for the knuckle-bumps, the outright exclamations of “DUDE!” and the sheer extrovert-ness of this third individual, who is so enthusiastic about life you could peel her off the ceiling with a spatula.

(This could be an amusing pastime.)

Only four months until The Hobbit hits theaters. We can make it. Really. Seriously. Maybe. WHY ISN’T IT DECEMBER YET? WHY??

The Closer is epic. So is Major Crimes. Sharon Raydor is freaking fantastic. It’s lovely to discuss her with someone who likes her and her patronizing tone and her epic hair just as much as I do.

Staying up until the wee hours of the morning is never a good plan… so how come we always do it? Is it that we like feeling hung over the next day? Or that there is just so much to talk about that never mind if it always circles back to the same three conversations?

Charles Dance would have made an utterly chilling Grandcourt in Daniel Deronda. We’re sorry this never happened.

Moonlight getting cancelled was the biggest television tragedy of forever. We will never get over it. We will, however, watch our DVD’s of the show until they fall apart.

Blu Ray and a big screen TV render going to the movie theater pretty much pointless.

Also? Ice cream rocks. Especially at 11pm while watching a movie in which stuff blows up.