Downton Abbey Season Three Trailer

NEW LINK: let it load, go to 9 minutes in.

Oh, for mercy’s sake, Julian Fellowes… can you cut Mary and Matthew a break already?!

12 thoughts on “Downton Abbey Season Three Trailer

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          1. I’m with Charity on this one–totally not worried about them getting together….just want it to happen. However, Branson and Matthew can have a bonding moment all they want and if this is the way to have it, so be it!

          2. Jon hadn’t thought Mary and Matthew would get together in the final episode because you have to have drama. They better stay together–of course Matthew’s on her side! But there’s bound to be tension. Thanks for the link!

    1. Um… Mary yelling at Matthew saying he’s not on their side, asking him if they should throw in the towel and just forget getting married… Anna telling Bates that her new idea may not work, or the one after that, or the one after that… Bransen telling Matthew he could never be happy with anyone but Mary… Robert aghast at his lawyer, asking, “Is it really all gone?!” (financial woes) … Violet making some snarky comment about Cora’s mother.

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