Great Expectations Trailer

DO NOT watch this unless you have read the book/seen the other adaptation(s) — it reveals far too much of the plot.

Hmm, interesting. I’m always up for more Dickens and more costume dramas. I’m not sure I like how young Pip and Estella look. I enjoy Ralph Fiennes in everything, so I’m eager to see him in this part. Helena is going to have to work hard to outdo Gillian Anderson’s performance for me, since I thought Gillian was perfection. I do like the look of Holliday Grainger as the older Estella (I was underwhelmed by her in The Borgias, it’s nice to see she can hold her own here in a much more challenging part). Anyway, something to look forward to this autumn.

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  1. Thanks for posting the trailer Charity! I haven’t gotten around to watching the recent BBC adaptation and am a bit perplexed why two adaptations were made so close to each other (though I’m probably just still pressed that no one’s considered making a new adaptation of A Tale of Two Cities…hah, maybe it’s my chance to flex my screenwriting skills and write one myself =D) but it looks good. Weird that they pretty much gave away the whole plot in the trailer (then again there’s been a ton of trailers that’s done that recently). With Helena Bonham-Carter and Ralph Fiennes, you can’t go wrong. And Holliday Grainger is so pretty =D

    1. It’s his bicentennial so there’s a lot of Dickens coming, I think. I’m not sure what it’s like in the BBC offices, but in Hollywood if a studio likes an idea but not a script, they simply write their own script and film it, which is why a lot of movies are released around the same time with the same subject matter. Maybe someone shopped out a script for this book, but the movie studio and the television studio each wanted a different take on it.

      WHY will no one do A Tale of Two Cities?! Maybe because it’s so depressing at the end? It seems odd to me, since that’s a gorgeous time period and a terrific plot.

      Holliday is very pretty! I think here she’s a lot prettier than anywhere else I’ve seen her.

  2. Wow; they managed to cram just about every plot twist into the trailer! Good thing many of us will already know the story. It looks like a good take on the story, though. I’m keen!

  3. i am going to be seeing it at its premiere at the toronto international film festival. so exciting that it is opening here…. hard to beat the recent bbc series ( my favourite to date) ; but it looks DELICIOUS

  4. Hmm. I like the look of it very much but then I still haven’t watched the version with Gillian. That’s on my list of things to do. I’m shocked they’re coming out with a new one so soon. I wish someone would make The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and leave Dickens alone for a little while.

    1. It’s Dickens’ 100th birthday, so they’ve done several Dickens adaptations this year. This was in the planning stage right around the same time the BBC was planning their version. I think there are new versions of Oliver Twist and David Copperfield in the pipeline as well. Much as I love Dickens, unless they want to do one of the lesser-known volumes (like Dombey & Son) I think there reaches a point where enough is enough! But I like Great Expectations so I don’t mind another so soon.

      YOU MUST SEE GILLIAN AS MISS HAVISHAM. This must happen. Even if it must happen at my house where I have it on glorious Blu Ray, it must happen. I think you’ll be as wowed by her as I was. I love how she delivers her lines! In fact, I may watch it this evening. Irony is, that thought’s been in the back of my head all day — I get home, and here’s a new trailer!

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