Saw The Dark Knight Rises. As usual, Christopher Nolan has made a wonderful film that could easily be 30 minutes shorter — and would be better for it. Less is more, remember? I thought about doing a review and then decided, nah… what’s the point? So I’ll just throw out there random thoughts I had while watching it.

10 minutes in, still on the previews: trying desperately not to jump up and down in my seat and squeal about having just seen The Hobbit teaser trailer.

20 minutes in, first five minutes of the movie: … and no one told me that Carver Doone Littlefinger Aidan Gillen is in this movie WHY??!

Five minutes later: oh hey, Guppy! How long are you going to last?

Bane mutters his lines: wait, what is he saying? I heard about half of it. Holy crap, Tom what’s-his-face must have put on 80 pounds of muscle for this movie!

Movie *drags until Catwoman shows up*: interesting approach, Anne… I like it. I’ll root for you to wind up with Bruce.

1 hour and a half passes: containing the massive fangirling, since Liam Neeson just arrived for three kick-ass minutes! I am reminded of the fact that the first Batman movie was awesome mostly because he was in it. Forget The Dark Knight and how overrated it is, the first movie is still my favorite.

Going on 2 hours: the creepy dude that most of my girl friends crush on for reasons I will never understand just exiled Guppy!! (When is this movie over? I’m starting to get tired of it.)

Shortly thereafter: oooh, so that’s why the rich chick is important… I wondered.

The end: was very predictable but lovely all the same.