Femnista July Aug 2012


Sci-fi used to be a small genre with a dedicated group of fans relegated to “geek status.” Not anymore.

Includes: Doctor Who, The Legend of the Seeker, I’ll Never Forget You, Smallville, The Wizard of Oz, Thor, Stardust, Darth Vader, Battlestar Galactica, Once Upon a Time, Firefly, Merlin, The Fountain, The Avengers,  Karen Hancock’s Arena, Wicked!, The X-Files, John Carter, Frequency.

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5 thoughts on “Femnista July Aug 2012

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  1. Charity, I I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. I am unable to post the link to my blog (due to WordPress restrictions).

    Please do visit my blog to check out the award and I hope you will accept the same.


  2. Hurray for the latest issue! Such a wonderful range of sci-fi and fantasy movies and television shows, awesome job at putting everything together Charity =)

    Btw I love the new layout on the website, very cool =D

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