The Hobbit VLog 8

Why do I feel the need to swell up with happy tears every time I see something from The Hobbit?


BTW, if you haven’t seen THIS yet, DO IT.

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  1. I’m SO EXCITED!!! Anytime I see anything Hobbit related I suddenly go very pitchy when I speak. Hopefully my housemate doesn’t want to kill me for it yet.

  2. The rumor at the moment is that they shot so much film, PJ wants to make it into a trilogy. I really hope that isn’t true. No matter how amazing it is and how much I love it, three movies would be stretching it a bit too far.

    1. Yeah, I read about that. I don’t know how I feel — part of me is jumping up and down and screaming “MOAR Middle-earth” and the other part of me thinks two movies is how it should be, that if you stretch it out just to make a buck, it won’t have the same magic.

    1. The Lord of the Rings was an incredible, life-altering, mind-blowing experience for me. It is so amazing that I get to revisit Middle-earth, and relive the excitement all over again. I have some sort of strange but beautiful, intense, deep spiritual connection to these stories. I think my “meh” response to every other movie this year is simply because I am waiting for THE movie to hit theaters — this one!

      1. I hear you, LOTR was my life in high school and definitely life-altering on so many levels. I’m glad that Peter Jackson was able to translate the world of Middle Earth from the book to the screen when everyone said it couldn’t be done because it just adds to the overall experience (guh, now I really have to re-read LOTR…after I finish with Guards! Guards! xD). And lol, yeah, this is definitely the movie of the year, I’m so glad that it’s coming out soon! xD

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