Adding Color to My Life

The other day, it occurred to me that I have chosen to live a rather vanilla life: bland. When picking out clothes, I usually buy black. My living room, bedroom, and all other rooms in my little country house are in rather muted colors. And I’ve never been all that happy about it, but for some reason I never did anything to remedy it.

I then discovered that I like colors. Bright colors. Dramatic colors. I always have, I just never thought about including them in my life. Dad and I bought my mom flowers for their wedding anniversary the other day – we chose painted daisies. They are gorgeous, in all those bold, deep, rich colors. That set me to thinking – colors give me pleasure, so why don’t I use them? How would my life be different if I did?

Yesterday, on a trip to WalMart, I loaded up my cart with… colors. I then spent the next two and a half hours ironing much of what I bought. The colors made a huge difference in my once-vanilla bedroom and bathroom. I now want to repaint some of my rooms in much bolder tones, and buy some knickknacks that go with it. I’m suddenly excited about working in my bathroom and making it more functional and pretty. I’m excited about changing things around and putting some energy into my life.

(My cat was terrified of the fuchsia throw blanket for about three hours then decided it belongs to her and is now sleeping on it. That was the initial idea … only without the terror involved. But if I have a vanilla life, she has one full of constant dread.)

As color seeps into my home, I’m left with the reminder that I can have color in my spiritual and emotional life as well as my surroundings. My life doesn’t have to be vanilla. I can choose to have fun, to let colorful (in a positive way) people and places into my world. I can unlock my personality and stop being as repressed. I can let the bold and funny side of me out to mach my newly minted bright red hair.

Color reminds me of God. He invented it, after all. Look around you – everything colorful in nature, He designed. He painted those sunsets. He came up with bluebells. Cardinals and Blue Jays were His idea. Until we bring Him into our life, it is colorless… bland, stuck in a rut, and repressed. He brings our color out, by peeling away our layers of sin and encouraging us to be who we were meant to be. We should reflect Him – colorful, bright, and happy. His world is not black and white. Ours shouldn’t be either.

It’s going to be a change going from a muted tan in my living room to a bright purple, but it’ll be worth it.

11 thoughts on “Adding Color to My Life

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  1. What a lovely and inspiring post! It got me thinking about one of my favourite fantasy book series: The colours of Auralia by Jeffrey Overstreet: it’s about a world in which colours are forbidden for all but the highest in society.

  2. I love this post- especially love the connection you made between God and color. What a beautiful thing He has created. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love this entry.
    It is so beautifully written.

    (I am also making sure that you were not at the midnight showing–in Aurora–of The Dark Knight movie, last night.)

    I have no idea where Aurora is in relation to you…so I stopped by to make certain that you are well.

    1. I never do midnight showings, but thanks for thinking of me. I actually do know where that theater is — I used to go to it all the time, before the neighborhood got so scary that I found a much safer place to hang out in. What an awful thing for someone to do. =(

  4. I love this. 🙂

    I have the same feeling sometimes – I am a colour-loving person. I love wine-red, many shades of blue, yellow, etc. – as one can tell from my pinterest boards, lol. Yet, somehow colorless-ness seeps into my daily life sometimes, as I realized when I was looking through several photos recently- I was wearing black in almost every single one. And my hair in one particular hairstyle (and not because it works). Also, my room is still in “standby” waiting to be finished with a remodel I was planning for some months..

    Having traveled recently has shaken things up a bit (not because of the change in scenery so much as the reprieve in perspective), and I’m making an effort to shift things a bit.

    So, I’ve started doing things like wearing my favourite colours more. And eventually things will go up the wall in my room. =P

    You really dyed your hair? ^_^ That is neat. I’ve thought it would be fun to try red if I were in a play or something, but I’m not quite that daring yet, haha.

  5. Ooh, how exciting!! I can’t wait to see what you did. 🙂 And I needed to read this cheerful and colorful post. 🙂

  6. Sounds fabulous! I love color but don’t use it in everything. I want to repaint my bedroom (have for years now) but think I’ll go with a neutral shade that way I can “dress it up” and change the colors without troubling myself with new paint. I’ll add lots of color through accessories and bed linens.

    I am currently trying to find some good, unique colors for my Christmas card. It is so tiring to use traditional Christmas green and red ALL THE TIME but I am going to attempt it. My wardrobe also has varying different colors although this summer, I’ve worn a lot of orange. 🙂

    Great post – there is a song I LOVE called “Black and White” and one of the lines is about God coloring our world. It’s beautiful and really is true but something we tend to “forget.”

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