If You Could Ask Femnista’s Writers Anything… What Would It Be?

I promise, I have some decent “serious” posts brewing. I have a lot of thoughts swirling around in my head right now as I read through a book on the Christian dating scene — or lack of it. (Have you noticed a lot of Christians are “stuck” being single? That guys aren’t asking girls out? Me too. So have various pastors, worship leaders, and writers… and it’s becoming a huge problem in the Church.) I want to finish the book before stating my thoughts on the situation, but hopefully in the next few days it will come together.

Femnista is also in the brewing stages; about half the articles came in early (much to my delight) so I’ve been formatting and editing in my spare time this week, when I haven’t had my nose stuck in my novel. Being hilarious is harder than it looks.

I thought it might be fun to highlight my Femnista contributors on this blog, one at a time, over the next few months. I’m no journalist, so I’d like help coming up with a series of questions to ask them on different topics. Do you have anything you’ve ever wanted to ask them? Questions about their faith (or lack thereof)? Their interests? Their hobbies? Their dreams? Their favorite historical figures?

What do you think? Shall we go for it?

9 thoughts on “If You Could Ask Femnista’s Writers Anything… What Would It Be?

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  1. That sounds like fun, I think you should go for it 😉 Like Hannah mentioned, a wide range of questions would be a good way to go about it, maybe a mix of serious and fun/silly questions to make it interesting =)

  2. I think you should go for it *says a fellow Femnista contributor*. Ask detailed questions that cover a range of topics to give a well rounded picture of the person. <– suggestion

      1. I hope it’ll be soon. I’m writing a book on that very topic myself, and so I have to study the market carefully and be aware of what’s already out there! 🙂

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