My dad can be brutally honest sometimes. (In case you wondered, that’s where I got it. And from my mother and grandmother and…) I was musing the other day on why I like things I shouldn’t, and he said, “It’s because your appreciation of entertainment outweighs your moral worldview.”


But it’s true, and it’s something that most of us do. Our morals say that this and that is wrong, and our political view disagrees with a lot of stuff that Hollywood throws at us too… but still we watch, and enjoy, many movies.

Most movies stand for everything I do not believe, as a conservative and as a Christian. But I still love so many of them. I have fun watching a movie and at the end of the day that matters more than my values. I accept that in this respect, I am shallow. But I’m not sure it is supposed to be this way. In earlier times, Christianity influenced every aspect of a believer’s life, including their choice of entertainment. Now, it is no longer like that. Rather than saturating ourselves in our belief system, we make compromises. We shouldn’t, but we do. And we don’t really want to change.

My values system would mean giving up every movie in my collection that glamorizes anything I know to be sinful. Many of the cute romantic comedies I enjoy would have to be removed because in some of them the two people are living together outside of marriage. Some adaptations of classic novels would have to go, because of various adulterous subplots (even though I only collect those that do not glamorize such things). My costume dramas would be weeded down considerably. There are a lot of films I love in an edited form, but I still am supporting the people who made it by purchasing their product. And you know what? I have no desire to change. I don’t want to get rid of my edited set of The Tudors, even though I have to sacrifice historical outrage in order to enjoy it, on top of ignoring the content that was in it. I like it as entertainment. I lived on that series for four years, laughing, crying, and beating my pillow over it.

Sure, some movies are cautionary tales, but some movies I don’t like because they are deep or profound or spiritual. I just like them because I like them. Like Titanic. Even if the message is pure, unapologetic bunk from the get go, I love it. And sadly, I’m not sure what that says about me.


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