Femnista May June 2012

Femnista: Literary Women (May / June 2012)

 Behind every great man is a great woman… and literature is full of them.

Meet or rediscover some of literature’s most memorable females…

 Read online or Download.




  • Modern Heroines – Hermione, Bella, & Katniss 4
  • Feminine Mystique – The Women of Rebecca 6
  • Fallen Female – Elizabeth Gaskell’s Ruth 8
  • Harper Lee & Scout  – To Kill a Mockingbird 10
  • Calm Against the Storm – Jane Austen’s Elinor 12
  • The Enigma of Juliet – Shakespeare’s Heroine 14
  • Madame le Pimpernel – Lady Marguerite Blakeney 16
  • Spelling Friendship – A Witch Named Kendra 18
  • Blessed are the Meek – Jane Austen’s Anne Elliot 20
  • Learning to Forgive – L.M. Montgomery’s Emily 22
  • Asking the Hard Questions – Catherine Marshall’s Christy 24
  • Nancy Drew is Still My Gal – Carolyn Keene’s sleuth on screen 26
  • Miss Margaret Hale – The Heroine of North & South 28
  • How to Be a Princess – Sara Crewe 30
  • Red Headed Snippet – Anne Shirley 32


Thanks to all the talented writers that helped make this issue a success. Please visit their blogs (on the article pages, or located on our website here) to share your appreciation of their hard work. Our next issue will be out August 1. If you love our publication, please help us promote it by sharing it on your blog and linking back to Charity’s Place. =)

9 thoughts on “Femnista May June 2012

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  1. I think this turned out to be a fantastic issue! Thanks again for the chance to contribute!


  2. Yay for the latest issue of Femnista! =) I never got around to commenting by email but the newest issue looks fantastic and the literary women featured are quite a variety! Fantastic job Charity =)

  3. Yay! So glad the day has finally arrived for the newest release of “Femnista.” As usual, I haven’t read it cover-to-cover yet but there is some great stuff in this issue! I’ve loved what I’ve read thus far.

    In particular, it was great to read about “Ruth” (Elizabeth Gaskell’s heroine) because she is such an unfamiliar one.

    Thank you, Charity for putting this all together. =)

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