Les Miserables Trailer

I’m surprised this teaser trailer is out already, since I didn’t think we would see one until the end of July or later. It looks good. I’m a huge fan of the original story, I absolutely adore the film, and I have a so-so relationship with the musical. When sung by a great cast of voices, it is gorgeous. The original recording isn’t, to my mind, a great set of voices. The farewell stage production I saw a few years ago was terrific… in its second half, once it got past all the rude sexual gestures that went with some of the songs. I’m hoping the film can avoid that, because the story deserves so much more.

Still, it looks wonderful. The only problem I see is releasing it the same day as The Hobbit. That is just not fair. For me, Tolkien gets top priority, which means Les Mis will have to wait a day or two…

What do you all think? Yay to bringing this musical to the big screen, or nay?

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  1. Well, I won’t have that problem because here indo Brazil Les Miserables Will bem realeased many months after the Hobbit (sad I know).
    Anyway it’s like you said Tolkien has the priority.

  2. Yes I’m going to see it too. I’ve seen the 90s movie and the Broadway version as well. Btw your video doesn’t work, I had to look it up on Youtube. Its such a sad story but also there is a lot of hope at the end. The trailer made me feel so bad for Fantine, man the olden days were so brutal. :-/

  3. I’m really excited to see this new movie adaptation of Les Miserables! The casting is great, and from the trailer, everything looks absolutely wonderful! However, I have the same dilemma as you do. The Hobbit comes out on the same day! I’ve debating which to see first. But since I love Tolkien more, The Hobbit will be top priority, too.

  4. I was introduced to Les Mis through the Focus on the Family show. My sister and I saw the musical when it came through town last summer. It took me a while to get past the having the lines delivered opera-style in a singing voice. And let’s just say I was glad to be sitting very far back in during the first half! The music in the second part was powerful and the battle scene impressive. My favorite part was when Valjean sings the prayer at the end of the battle. The actor who toured with this show was a Christian, who pointed up to heaven when he took his bow, and I could tell he really meant it when singing that prayer.

    Thanks for posting the trailer! I will definately be looking forward to this. I have ClearPlay now, so I assume I will be able to enjoy it on DVD.

    1. It’s cool that you were introduced to it through Focus on the Family! Their radio theatre presentation of it is absolutely wonderful! I do love the film as well, though — have you seen it? It chooses to end on a different note than the novel/musical/radio presentation, but I rather prefer that ending; it is less sad.

      It’s cool that you had a Christian Valjean! I’m not sure who I saw a few years ago when it came through on tour, but I do remember that the guy playing Enjolas was extremely good-looking and had a voice like Josh Groban’s. Needless to say, he made the second half a memorable experience.

      Indeed, I think this will be a film in much need of ClearPlay… though I can always hope for the best.

  5. Oh yes, I am so excited! I love this musical. And you’re right- it does need a good cast. In my opinion, the best is the Complete International Cast album- my least favorite is the newest 2010 one; let’s just say, with that one, at first I thought when Marius was singing it was Eponine’s voice. I think this movie looks awesome, and I adore Ann Hathaway and I like Amanda Seyfried’s voice- it can have just the touch of irritation needed for Cosette’s.

  6. Ooh, very nice! I’ve never listened to “Les Mis” all the way through but the music I have heard from it is just gorgeous. Lots of actors I like and this might be one I’d see though probably not in theaters since I know the musical, as you said, has some sexual innuendo. I’m thrilled it’s being done for the silver screen!

    1. It is an interesting musical… it’s a bit of a cross in some respects between something by Sondheim (lyrics that aren’t always sung, for example) and a more classical approach. Some of the songs in particular though are gorgeous, but the second half of the musical is far more powerful, in my opinion, than the first half. Mostly because the first half is where most of the problematic material occurs — the innuendo about prostitution, the sexually-charged “Master of the House” song, etc. Still, it should make a magnificent film.

      (I just hope they have toned down the content from the tour group — I was rereading some reviews this afternoon, to see if I remembered it correctly — yup, I did. Apparently, prior to the 25th anniversary “re-conditioning,” the show didn’t have any raunchy movements in it. Sigh. Our society is ever sinking into depravity.)

  7. My thoughts are not quite sure about this production but it looks to have potential. I doubt I’ll go see it though but will satisfy my curiosity on DVD.

        1. And Cameron Mackintosh producing. Nuff said.

          “Sir Cameron Anthony Mackintosh (born 17 October 1946) is a British theatrical producer notable for his association with many commercially successful musicals. At the height of his success in 1990, he was described as being ‘the most successful, influential and powerful theatrical producer in the world’ by the New York Times. He is the producer of shows such as Les Misérables, The Phantom of the Opera, Mary Poppins, Martin Guerre and Cats.”

  8. I say absolutely yay! I love Les Mis (especially the incredible screen production with Liam and Geoffrey), and I love musicals. After seeing this trailer I super excited!

    1. Oh, gosh, me too. I love the movie. It’s glorious. It’s wonderful. But… I hope the musical will be awesome too. Of course, it has a great cast, so how could it not be? Maybe we should see it together, when it comes out…

  9. I say yay. I will probably never get to see it as a musical (or no time soon, anyway), and it looks like it’s going to be done well. Also, I think I need to read the book this summer. I’ve only read half of it and I’d love to read the whole thing.

    1. You should see the film with Geoffrey Rush and Liam Neeson, if you haven’t already, in addition to reading the book. It’s wonderful. And so is the Focus on the Family Radio Theatre presentation. =)

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