Whatever, Dude.


The internet has been pretty quiet of late (I hope that means you are all out enjoying the fine weather, or studying for exams… because otherwise I might have to suspect the Rapture happened and with me still being here, that idea sucks). So quiet that I’m not in the mood to write up anything particularly magnificent, so here you go… a post of randomness.

Reading: I just finished two Terry Pratchett books, which my brother was kind enough to give me for my birthday. One is Sorcerer, which had me laughing more often than I would care to admit. (When the seventh son of a seventh son of a wizard is born, everything goes to hell. Fast. There is a reason wizards are supposed to be celibate, so this kind of thing doesn’t happen.) The other was Wyrd Sisters. Why is it that whenever I read a book about his witches, I always picture Maggie Smith playing Granny Weatherwax? Is it wishful thinking? Enjoyed them both, inappropriate jokes and all (some of which I am convinced went over my head) but… Mort is still my favorite. How could he not be?

Writing: Yours truly is trying out writing sarcastic fantasy. This book is now on its third draft. It went through a third person draft. It went through a first person draft. It was then discovered that I am far too long winded and needed to cut the book in half. I then thought, “Well, if I have to butcher it, I’d better do a good and proper job of it!” I’m not sure it will be recognizable by the end, but I’m having fun. It’s hard not to with wizards, and witch-hunters, and oaks running all over the place, with a heroine whose hair has seen better years (well, decades really) and who can be… um… a bit blunt at times. I dunno where she got that. Certainly not from me! Stop laughing.

Watching: I actually pulled the plug on my cable, so I am without any sort of television in my home. Movies, yes. BluRay rentals, heck yes. Television, no, except what the nice folks at various stations host on their website. I would like to thank the CW for putting up their crap the next day, instead of three days later… or five days later… or eight days later. (Fox, I am looking at you. You suck. Even if you did bring back Leonard Nimoy to Fringe. That was awesome. But having Spock around does not diminish your suck-ness.) Of late, I have been re-watching Star Wars (George Lucas, you need a screenwriter), re-watching the second season of Downton Abbey (I can forgive this show its numerous faults because it is just such a total sap-fest and GORGEOUS), and re-watching Dickens adaptations (what can I say? I am a glutton for over-bloated, melodramatic awesomeness).

Hobbies: … what hobbies? I have no life. I make music videos no one watches, and storm about my house throwing up my hands and shrilling Phantom of the Opera at the top of my lungs. That’s it.

Other Stuff: This morning, my brother came up and said, “Tucker’s acting weird.” (Tucker being his six month old male cat.) Dad popped down, then stuck his head in the door and shouted, “He’s a she, and she’s in heat!”

Oops. Didn’t see that one coming. Mom has been hysterically laughing about it all day. Just goes to show none of us should become vets. Not that we ever looked. Someone hands you a cat and says, “It’s a boy,” you believe it, right? Tucker is now in need of a new name, something we hope won’t mix him/her up too much. Oh, well. She can’t be any more nuts than the rest of the animals around here. Our dog is looney tunes too. At the end of his walk, you give him a doggie cookie, and he chucks it in his bucket for safekeeping. Then there’s my cat. She’s a Siamese-Tabby crossed with a vengeful she-devil. Makes for a classy combo.

Also? Must have a word with J.J. Abrams. He cannot cast Benedict Cumberbach alongside Zachary Quinto in the new Star Trek movie. That is just not fair. How am I supposed to root against Kahn when he’s really Sherlock? How am I supposed to root against Spock?! THIS IS MY LIFE, AND MY LIFE IS NOT FAIR. There will simply be too much sexiness on the big screen. How will the fangirls survive?

… don’t answer that.

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