The response to my post about changing Charity’s Place set me to thinking. Many of you raise a good point about it being a good resource, even if it isn’t updated regularly. So I’ve decided on a compromise that I think will let me off the hook for reviewing as much, but also allow it to continue to be a helpful resource.

I will keep the Costume Drama sections (Ancient through Edwardian) and continue to update them as I (or my reviewers) see new costume dramas — either on the big or small screen. In addition to this, we will keep select Later Eras reviews (primarily costume drama reviews no one else has — such as Mad Men, Birdsong — and yes, a review for that is coming next week — and so forth). We will also have a page devoted to British Television — like Sherlock, Foyle’s War, Doctor Who, Marple, and so forth.

But the rest of the reviews — modern vampire movies, television shows, sci-fi, etc., will no longer be updated. These changes have already been implemented at my website.

Much love,


8 thoughts on “Compromises

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  1. Awesome. Its nice that you’ll keep the costume drama section. I’ve read a couple of issues of your magazine and I think its pretty good. I *don’t* normally like reading literary magazines. Most of them are horribly boring.

    I also particularly don’t like reading feminist literature/blogs, a lot of feminists tend to be misandrists and instead of wanting equality and kindness they want female privilege and act like men are unnecessary. Anyway, I like that you don’t bash males on your magazine and your blog. That’s very refreshing from most of the feminist stuff out there.

    I appreciate that. Keep up the good work. I’m kind of surprised by how fast you got the new website up and running, it looks really great.

    1. I think the problem with most feminists is they hate men. I don’t. I happen to like men very much. The ideal feminism is one that celebrates the success of women without diminishing men. If you have to diminish men to make women look good… well, isn’t that kind of demeaning to women? It’s like saying, “Unless you suck, we can’t be awesome.”

      Thanks! I’m glad that you enjoy our webzine. I’m sorry that so many literary publications are boring… they don’t have to be!!

  2. Perfect! I hope we didn’t put too much pressure on you, Charity, but I am very happy with this news. We can still enjoy your hard work even as you move on to new things. The new layout looks great!

  3. The new website design looks fantastic! And the focus is very much on Femnista. 🙂 The review archives are (to my mind) an extra bonus!

  4. It will be nice to still have a lovely resource for costume dramas… but I hope you are making these changes because it is what you want. Sometimes, no matter readers disappointment, you have to tell us to “deal with it.” =)

    So excited to read your thoughts on “Birdsong” this weekend. Thanks (in advance) for reviewing it.

    Oooh! Your new site is so cute! I love the simplicity; it’s modern and “clean.” Great, great design! Imagine my surprise when I saw you had so many Femnista topics lined up already. Whoa! Now I have to get thinking about some future submissions… hmmm… I have a couple things in mind, so I’ll have to send an email to “Femnista.” =)

    Have a lovely day.

    1. It is what I want. It’ll keep traffic coming in and out, even if reviewing does take a backseat to Femnista. =)

      I think American audiences were spared some of the content in “Birdsong.” There’s still some there, but it’s nowhere near as bad as it was when it aired last autumn on the BBC! I imagine, however, that the missing bits will all wind up on the DVD release!

      Thank you! I’m glad you like it! Do put your thinking cap on! =)

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