The response to my post about changing Charity’s Place set me to thinking. Many of you raise a good point about it being a good resource, even if it isn’t updated regularly. So I’ve decided on a compromise that I think will let me off the hook for reviewing as much, but also allow it to continue to be a helpful resource.

I will keep the Costume Drama sections (Ancient through Edwardian) and continue to update them as I (or my reviewers) see new costume dramas — either on the big or small screen. In addition to this, we will keep select Later Eras reviews (primarily costume drama reviews no one else has — such as Mad Men, Birdsong — and yes, a review for that is coming next week — and so forth). We will also have a page devoted to British Television — like Sherlock, Foyle’s War, Doctor Who, Marple, and so forth.

But the rest of the reviews — modern vampire movies, television shows, sci-fi, etc., will no longer be updated. These changes have already been implemented at my website.

Much love,