I haven’t updated in awhile and I’m sorry. But at least this week I have a good excuse: I have company! My best friend is out for the weekend and we haven’t done much more than eat chocolate chip cookies, sit on the couch in our Sherlock t-shirts (mine’s Sherlock, hers is Watson), and watch The Godfather movies.

I know, I know… we should be watching Twilight or something, since we’re girls. But… we’re not exactly that kind of girl. So what kind of girls are we?

– Girls who share personality types with Sherlock and John. She’s John, I’m Sherlock. (In case you are wondering, that’s INTJ and ISFJ… and yes, there are distinct similarities between us and our on-screen counterparts.)

– Girls who like movies with intrigue and drama more than romance. Hence, The Godfather, and many a discussion on what an idiot Kay is.

– Girls who watch the new 25th Phantom of the Opera BluRay and sing along. When we’re not sniffling. Or gasping. Or bouncing in our chairs. Or listening slack-jawed to the final five Phantoms singing Music of the Night. (Good heavens, the new London Erik is… fabulous.)

– Girls who like rooting for the villain. Just because. (Because why? Because he’s misunderstood. He’s melancholy. He broods. He just needs a little TLC. And it helps if he looks like Jason Dohring.)

– Girls who watch The Lord of the Rings not for Legolas, but for Gandalf. And Sam. And Pippin. And Merry. And Elrond. And who universally agree that LotR is the best movie series ever made. Period.

– Girls who know that the world sucks, and salvation makes it worth living. That without God, we are dreadful sinners… and with Him we are still sinners, just forgiven sinners.

So have a good weekend, faithful readers. I’ll be on the couch with my best bud, watching Great Expectations. Reviews forthcoming later this weekend.