Femnista: Jan Feb 2012

It is here at last, our Charles Dickens themed issue of Femnista!

Read Online or Download.

Inside you will find:

“Dwelling on Boredom: Eugene Wrayburn,” “Consequences of Sin: The Mystery of Edwin Drood,” “A Matter of Character: Miss Esther Summerson,” “A New Miss Havisham: The Jasper Fforde Novels,” “Family Man, The Hidden Side of Sydney Carton,” “A Writer’s Friends: Lives Touched by Dickens,” “Good Samaritans: The Characters of Bleak House,” “Hard Times: A Book Review,” “Becoming Scrooge: A Christmas Carol,” “A Life of Contentment: Amy Dorrit,” “An Honorable Man: Nicholas Nickleby, “Unconditional Love: Great Expectations,” “Golden Dreams & Silver Linings: The Women of Our Mutual Friend,” “A Child Hero’s Journey: Oliver Twist,” and “Many Faces: Dickens & the Art of Caricature.”

Thanks to all my wonderful contributors for making this issue so truly amazing! Our next issue (for the Edwardian era) is full, but we still have room for 5 more submissions for May/June’s Literary Women. If you want to write for us, act fast! Our issues fill up in record time!

Please share this publication if you enjoy it — either through linking to it, embedding the flipbook, or reblogging articles on tumblr.

2 thoughts on “Femnista: Jan Feb 2012

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  1. The issue looks fantastic! It’s too bad I have so much to do today, I’m thinking of popping in a Dickens adaptation now (it’s been a while since I’ve re-watched one) xD

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