I’ve had something troubling my mind for a few days, ever since The Iron Lady has fallen into the spotlight. Christians, particularly those that lean more traditional, are having trouble reconciling their political and religious views when it comes to Margaret Thatcher (or for that matter, Sarah Palin or any other mother). I read a review of the film on a Christian website the other day that implicated at the end that just as noble a cause would have been staying home to raise her kids.

They’re right… but is it not possible that God called her to a purpose other than motherhood?

Do not get me wrong. I value motherhood. It is the God-given role of women and they are (or should be) tremendously good at it. It’s important to raise up a child and train him or her in the way that he or she should go. Instilling godliness in your children is an immense calling, certainly of as much monumental importance in the world as being a Prime Minister. But that isn’t all that God calls some women to do. I agree that in the Church, it is preferable that men fulfill their roles and be in authority – but the Church is not Politics. And how is it fair that whenever women want to run for public office, our supposedly forward thinking society suddenly develops a terrible fear for the neglect of their children? This fear would not be present if they were CEO’s of a company, but take one step anywhere toward public office as a conservative Christian women and everyone is most concerned about your kids.

Hypocrites, all of them; but where Christians stand… are not women called to fulfill a higher purpose as well as men? Is it not feasible that God calls whoever is willing to take a stand and do His will, and that in some instances, the most willing heart is that of a woman? Even in scripture, Priscilla taught alongside her husband; she did not sit in the back, she did not focus only on her children (if she had any); she was of service. But that is scripture, and scripture is different from politics. Why is it that Margaret Thatcher might have been wrong for entering politics rather than raising her children? Can we even be certain they were neglected? How come Sarah Palin needed to stay home with her kids when her husband was willing to help out, but Barak Obama is never questioned as to his ability to be a good father? His children are very young too, and his presidency certainly keeps him (and his wife) busy… but no one seems all that worried about his kids.

Are we are forward thinking society or not? What do we really think about women and their role? Is their only calling to their family or is it to God? And if God calls them to put aside the nappies to save their nation from a total meltdown, who are we to tell them to get back to the kitchen and wash tea cups?