I love vampire stuff.

As a Christian, maybe I shouldn’t – but I do. It’s who I am. God has been changing me in a lot of ways over the last few months, but so far that hasn’t shifted. I still love Moonlight and mourn that it only had one season. I still love to watch Angel stalk the streets of Los Angeles looking for people to save. The Vampire Diaries is still the best part of my weekly lineup. And if I told you how much I was looking forward to another Underworld movie, well, I’d have to stake you. I love vampire movies because they are awesome; because they are scary; because they are cool. These vamps are old, smart, and totally badass. Some of them are angsty and romantic, others are just plain evil. But whenever they are around, you’re in for a wild and crazy ride full of symbolism and sexual tension.

I love the fact that almost every vampire story follows the exact same plot – that I can watch Dracula or the remake of Fright Night and know that the beautiful blonde is going to be a vampy vixen before the end (sometimes, she gets saved from it, other times she doesn’t). I want to see vampires explode in sunlight, or burst into flames, or at the very least, get one heck of a migraine. I want to see them stuck in open doorways because they haven’t been invited in, and to know that one decent backhand with some holy water or a cross will send them running for the nearest exit.

You know why people love vampires? Because we identify with them – they are the ultimate outcast. No one is like them, no one understands them, and most of the world is oblivious to them or afraid of them. Most human beings at some point in their life identifies with that; with being overlooked or misunderstood, of wanting to express your innermost feelings and knowing no one will “get them” if you do. At the risk of going out on a limb here, Christians are even more that way. We’re not like everyone else and if we are, that’s a good time to start worrying if that “salvation thing” actually stuck or not. We’re hated, feared, and misunderstood – and deep down, all of us really just want to be incredibly cool and badass. Plus, we’re also immortal – in a far different way, through the blood not of other human beings but of the Lamb.

Say what you like about vampires… either way you slice ‘em and dice ‘em and throw a bit of garlic in, they say a lot about humanity – both for good and evil. You can look at them as icons of evil, as reminders to us of a life without God bound to torment for all eternity, or you can look at them as dim reflections of a truth that all of us hold dear: that without God, we’re all misunderstood, alienated, hated, and in need of a savior. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, that means something.