Help me!

Hey, Girls (and some of the awesome guys who also read along!)

Let’s have a little chat, shall we? Pretend we are all sitting around in my tiny living room (but fortunately for you, my psychotic cat is nowhere to be seen) having tea and cakes, that we have spent a lovely afternoon together talking about what all girls talk about (Mr. Darcy vs. Mr. Thornton) and now are getting down to the “serius bizness” that I called you all over to discuss.


I’ve thought long and hard about this. (Here, I pause, to take a sustaining sip of peppermint tea and for dramatic effect.) I’ve debated back and forth, considered a lot of options, discussed it with people who profess to Know Things (whether or not that is true is yet to be seen), and am now bringing it to you.

I think what it is now is awesome. There’s nothing out there like it, no other magazine that takes as much enjoyment in entertainment and sometimes digs deeper to find the messages beneath the obvious, but how would you feel about expanding on it a bit? Maybe adding a modern section inside that has more relevant articles that do dig deeper, that ask some hard questions; that challenge you in your faith and in your life in general?

We would still have the themes and the fabulous literary men, but we would also have some applicable stuff that covers more serious topics. Like what? Well, for example, recently, I read a really inspiring guest blog post that talked about how to overcome anorexia as a Christian. (Do Christian girls really deal with that? Yes, they do!) I found it very thought-provoking even though it was not targeted at me, and it gave me compassion for the girls who do deal with it.

That’s how our lives should be, as Christians. We need to learn to love one another, and learn from each other, and support one another, and our lives need to be about more than just movies. Some of the modern articles can be just plain fun (maybe I’ll even write something up on hoop dancing) and some of them can be more serious (is there anything God has put on your heart to talk about?) but I want part of our focus to be on things that matter.

(Here, I glance around the room at all the thoughtful expressions. The cakes are almost gone.)

What do you think? Can Femnista become more than it is? Would you be willing to help me? Is this something that you would like? What would be in your dream magazine? What do you need from a magazine that you are not getting now? I’m asking you to share with me and to brainstorm with me.

Please, if you care about this publication, weigh in with your opinion.

If this is something you can get excited about, point me in the direction of blogs and friends that you think might have something important to contribute or a message that needs heard.  Or volunteer to write something for me. If this happens (and that is if I can find the help I need to make it happen, and if my readers want it — in other words, if it is God’s will) I won’t be able to do it alone.

28 thoughts on “Help me!

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  1. I think this is a most excellent idea, as I expressed before. 🙂
    As there will still be themes, perhaps there could even be historically themed articles relating to modern topics, just not so much to films? We do this to some degree, but I mean more specifically geared toward such topics. Certainly not everything has to be theme-inspired, but I think that there would be some ways to talk about modern topics while still loosely relating to a given theme.
    I’m not sure where exactly I’m going with this, but it’s just a thought that I had as I was thinking over your article. 🙂

    1. I think depending on the theme, we can work inside of it in a modern context. I’m thinking of doing a “favorite couples” theme later this year, so maybe in that issue we can have articles about being single, Christian dating, encouragement, and so forth…?

      1. Writing about “favorites couples” and using modern ideals on dating, courtship, etc. sounds like an interesting idea, Charity. For me, I am going to be sad if Femnista moves away from its beginnings a lot – i.e., the costume drama aspect. BUT, I think a lot of things can be incorporated into an article even if its basis is a period-era piece.

        Looking forward to the next issue. =D

  2. As I take a sip of my hot Joy Tea from Starbucks, I’ll offer my two cents.

    I like the idea of talking about different issues that young Christian women go through. Not just anorexia but perhaps depression, addiction etc.

    Even non-serious stuff like hoop dancing sounds cool, too.

  3. This sounds marvelous. I have great faith in Femnista and the lovely staff/writers who contribute, and pray that God will bless and nourish this expansion!

  4. I would be available, and willing, to help. I can help with supplying content…or generating ideas. Or both.

    I think that a magazine combining fun, literary stuff and, in addition, movies, recipes, articles, crafts, decorating, etc. Would be great.

    Especially if it was diverse AND speaking to the Christian market.

    *takes a sip of tea*

    1. Any way in which you would be willing to help would be much appreciated, especially in the ideas department. I think my readership is all ages but suspect that the largest base are: costume drama lovers, Christians who were formerly home-schooled, and primarily young adults, so anything of interest to them would be terrific.


  5. I love love LOVE this idea. The fun and whimsical quality Femnista has had so far has been lovely but I just know adding some deeper themes to it would really make it an all around better read. I have some pieces I have written and read over the last couple of months that would probably fit in quite well.

  6. I don’t see why this wouldn’t work. I love how you have the magazine set up now but I think you could easily expand to include articles of a more heart-to-heart nature. Christian women struggle with things just like secular women do. Articles that help make is stronger in our faith should become a must! I’m glad you’re thinking along these lines. 🙂

    1. I’m glad I finally found the nerve to go for it. It’s been on my mind from the start, but I didn’t know how to head in that direction without losing my audience! This way we will still have the themes and costume dramas and whatnot to lure new readers in, and then if they happen to read another article with something deeper in it, well, that’s lovely too!

      By the way, I’ve enjoyed how you are becoming deeper on your blog now. I love it. It’s such a blessing and a true joy to my heart. Keep up the wonderful work.

      1. Well, as we’ve discussed before, you and I are both blessed with the ability to connect faith with entertainment. We see things in the entertainment venues that others might miss. I guess I just never had the courage or wherewithal to just thrust my thoughts out there before. We may have my college to thank for that, actually. I’ve discovered how much I love connecting the dots where faith and entertainment is concerned! My teachers love it too!

        Speaking of deeper articles, I have an idea for one but I’m not sure if it needs to be connected with entertainment or not. I’m starting a book on stereotypes and how our actions and reactions can be controlled by how we think others perceive us. I’m blonde, very blonde, and that has affected my behavior my entire life because of the “dumb blonde” stigma. Yet God doesn’t see us with a stereotyped view. I want to work my thoughts into an article. What do you think? Should it be worked into an article on a movie or miniseries or should it just be standalone, if it even works for the webzine. Let me know.

        1. Well, good for you in finding the courage to be more open with what you can see. Not everyone has that gift and it is up to those of us who do to share it!

          I think you should just sit and and write and see where it takes you — if it puts in mind a character from a movie or miniseries, that’s good; if it doesn’t, that’s fine too. And yes, I think that would be a lovely sort of article for the webzine. I want people to think outside the box and come up with new ideas! Something like that might also prompt people to, if they don’t like how others perceive them, to change it. Do others see you as a dumb blonde? Do they treat you like one? What can you do about it? Etc.

          (I read somewhere recently that our hair color can sometimes have an impact on our personality — redheads can become more fiery because people kind of expect it of them, and they “see red” when they look in a mirror; brunettes tend to want to be taken more seriously and are more contemplative; blondes are often underestimated but are more compassionate than others; and black haired girls like a leisurely pace of life; you don’t want to push them too far too fast. I don’t know if any of it is true, but it was an interesting read.)

  7. Speaking as one of the writers ;-), I would love to see Femnista expand into this territory. Quite frankly, I think it goes along with the name “Femnista.” It would encompass more of who we are as Christian women… GO FOR IT!

    1. Of course, I had absolutely no intention of doing this back when I renamed the magazine. None at all. Nope. 😉

      Good! I’m glad you are in favor of it. I’m excited to see where it leads!

  8. I’d love to read those kinds of articles! I can write something if you like, either about writing in general or maybe about how we have to trust God and how He’s taught me through the years that we can’t do it by ourselves. So I guess I’m volunteering. 🙂

      1. I’ve been writing quite a bit this afternoon! I have on article done (though not polished), and will probably work on the other Wednesday. I’ll try to send them both over the weekend, Monday at the latest. I’m so glad I have something concrete to write towards!

          1. I’m actually going to need a little more time to work on them. Jon’s home, which throws everything off, plus, I’m trying to dig deeper and make the articles mean more.

          2. No worries. I’m still thinking about Femnista, and am not sure if this is the direction God wants me to take it in. It seemed like in church today He nudged me to stop TRYING to be deeper, just to let it happen naturally. So… I’ll keep everyone posted on what happens.

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