The three words we all dread: New Year’s Resolution.

We mean well, right? But usually two weeks in and we throw in the towel. It has to be something worth doing, something beneficial, and something that doesn’t suck – it has to be at least a little bit fun.

I gave mine long, hard thought this year. I have a list of things I would like to accomplish, but I don’t know that they need a “Resolution” to make them official… they just need doing! I bandied about my options: vowing to stay away from sugar, for example, but I had planned on doing that anyway. I thought about not buying anything for myself until after Easter, but I do my shopping so sporadically anyway that is kind of a cop out. I thought about resolving to “find myself,” but… who knows where that would lead. I considering resolving to be funnier… but some days I’m just not funny and there’s no point in pretending. I also thought about saying to heck with it, and not having a resolution, but that didn’t work for me either.

So I finally landed on something new that might even be fun, but also beneficial: this year, I resolve to try new things, among them, a more organic lifestyle.

Now, we are pretty organic as it is; our toothpaste doesn’t even have fluoride in it, and we pretty much eat only what we fix ourselves – not out of a box or a can, but on the top of the stove. In fact, now that my body is weaned off the chemical soup your local supermarket calls food that stuff makes me sick. (Kind of like how starving kids in Africa get our charitable food items in cans and it makes them sick: it’s not real food.) I’ve never really been a high maintenance person. I don’t even like blow-drying my hair or using much product in it. BUT I’m not as organic as I could be. I still use shampoo and conditioner even though I know better. I still shell out big bucks for facial cleansers and the like. And, I don’t have to. That’s the sad part.

This year, therefore, I’m going to give “no-poo” (no shampoo) a decent shot and try the baking soda and water routine. It’s doable and my hair likes it. I know this because I’ve done it before but got lazy and quit. There is a ton of stuff out there on the internet about why people go “no-pooh” that I won’t bother repeating, except that it’s way less expensive that buying shampoo and conditioner (and other hair products), it brings out any natural curl you may have in your hair, and it makes your hair really soft and shiny. I’m also going to experiment cleaning with apple vinegar, and explore alternative ways to get clothes clean in the washing machine. I figure it will be fun to try out new things, to see how my hair turns out, to add up the money I save, and so forth.

Going organic was probably the second best thing that ever happened to me (second to finding a relationship with Jesus Christ). It improved my health, it prevents me from being sick very often, it cleared up my skin and I no longer get sunburned, my sunlight-related headaches went away, and I slimmed down. It is more work. It means mixing things yourself and meal planning ahead, and yes, it is more expensive to buy organic beef from a local meat locker than it is to buy the stuff in the supermarket, but everything tastes better, and the benefits on your health are great. I’m losing a lot less hair down the drain, my taste buds have sharpened, and I feel better knowing that I am supporting an industry that is home-grown, all-American, and does not mistreat their animals.

(You don’t want to know what they do to non-organic dairy cows. It’s awful and inhumane and it makes a puppy mill look good.)

I wish you success with whatever resolution you go with (or none at all!). God bless each and every one of you!