Slush Pile: Glitter

They were awesome pants. They hung on the store rack, glittering at me as I walked past the window. I swerved in my high heels and went inside. They fit just right and glittered with every movement. While it is true that clothing with temporary sparkles on them don’t last long once you put them through the wash cycle, these were calling my name. I do not wear them often but whenever I do, I feel sparkly … and I leave little pieces of me wherever I go: in the seat of my car, on the couch, on the bathroom mat, in waiting areas of clinics, and on the dressing room floor. Glitter abounds in my wake. Just this morning I noticed a few diamond pieces sparkling at me from the kitchen floor. A smile came to my face and as I knelt to press my fingers against them, I realized something.

When you become a Christian, you have bought yourself a sparkly existence whose soul purpose is to leave glitter in your tracks, the kind of glitter that won’t fade with time or come out in the wash. It’s called your influence, your attitude, everything about your life. Glitter is the impression you make on people, the state of mind you leave them in, and their perception of Christ through your behavior. This “glitter” is reflected through your every action. Christians leave tracks whenever they go, a trail of glitter in their wake. When you are a Daughter of the King, you cannot repress the sparkle. It comes naturally due to your princess status. The sparkle is called Jesus, and when He enters your life, He shines out through every pore if you let Him.

I don’t wear those pants very often. I want to preserve them, to make the sparkle last for as long as it can. That’s not how Christianity is supposed to be used. We’re asked to put it on every morning, to leave glitter in our tracks. It’s not something you wear on Sunday and neglect the rest of the week; it is supposed to permeate everything that you do. Just like those little sparkles can be found in the carpet of my living room, in the couch cushions, on the seat of my car, and on the post office floor, what we do and say to other people leaves an impression.

You offer to help someone without being asked. Glitter.
You are a witness at school. Glitter.
Your neighbor asks you to baby-sit. Glitter.
You return what the sales clerk overpaid you in change. Glitter.
You’re hard on a sibling or friend because you love them. Glitter.

Remember that everything you accomplish, someone is watching. They are looking for the glitter, and if it’s not there, what remains to convince them of the worth of what you have? It’s the difference between a normal pair of blue jeans and a sparkly pair of jeans. The normal blue jeans want to sparkle, but if they don’t see the glitter, they won’t know what they’re missing. So sparkle, girls … and leave a trail of glitter in your wake.

3 thoughts on “Slush Pile: Glitter

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  1. Great parallel, Charity. I never thought of it in that way – glitter. =)

    In fashion terms, glitter was/is really big this winter. Personally I don’t like it all over like I did when I was twelve, but I still like a bit of sparkle. ;D I saw a beautiful sweater in a promotional mini catalog that I loved, but alas, I’ve not been into the store and by now, it is probably all sold out. Guess that is what I get for not running in there when I was at the Wal*Mart right next door. =)

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