12 Days of Kitty Christmas

(Sorry I haven’t been around for a couple of days; I had a heavy workload and then company. Thus far we have made Gingerbread Houses, cried over Anne of Green Gables, and schemed at length about Christmas fan fiction that have to do with Sanctuary. I’m thinking… mistletoe. But I’m “back” now… and yes, that is my ultra-gorgeous half-Siamese half-tabby cat. Her name is Mina, after the character in the Bram Stoker novel. It suits her.)


Day 1:
Assist in putting up the tree by climbing in the branches, batting ornaments around room, chasing garland, chewing on star that goes on top, and pawing light strands. Pounce on fingers that lay out tree skirt.

Finish up with long, comfy nap under tree.

Look cute.

Day 2:
Attempt climbing decorated tree. Bend one of the wire branches. Knock several glass balls off. Cling to tree while Charity attempts extraction. Bite her arm when she pulls me out.

Sit under tree. Glare at Charity.

Day 3:
Discover exciting centerpiece. Sit on dining room table to examine. When scolded for being on furniture, look cute and hop into nearest chair. When her back is turned, go back to chewing on garland.

Day 4:
Plan how to infiltrate basement. Trip Charity going down stairs. Sit on top step with tail twitching and observe as wrapping paper is dug out of junk pile. When her back is turned, sneak down into basement. Sit on threshold.

Bolt when giant pile of walking wrapping paper approaches.

Day 5:
Help with wrapping presents. Jump on curled, cut pieces of paper. Chew on ribbon. Get into boxes and refuse to come out. Eat string and tape.

Look cute.

Day 6:
Jump up on counter to observe making cookies. Track flour all over house. Spill milk carton. Eat sprinkles. Retreat under tree.

Day 7:
Sit under tree. Get distracted by nearest ornament. Pull out of tree. Chase across room. Attack gift bags. Eat tissue paper.

Day 8:
See white stuff coming down outside window. Knock garland off window sill. Sit and watch her shoveling. Hiss and spit at dog. Lick snow off floor when she comes in.

Day 9:
Pounce on Charity when she is late waking up. Chase wads of Kleenex across floor. Investigate medicine bottle. Follow her from bed to couch. Crawl under blanket. Take ribbon you tore off present.

Listen to six hours of Pride & Prejudice and coughing.

Day 10:
Scamper across floor and crash into tree when front door opens. Hide among wrapped packages as feet enter. Chew on ribbon while you observe. Snub anyone who tries to coax you out.

Nonchalantly emerge after lunch. Lay down on floor and expose tummy. When someone other than Charity tries to rub said tummy, bite them.

Look cute.

Day 11:
Observe the opening of presents. Have a hay day when all boxes, tissue paper, wrapping paper, and ribbons are left in pile. Shred everything that remains.  Strew across house.

Day 12:
Discover new stuffed mice and noisy bell balls. Chase all over house. Lose under furniture. Sniff catnip. Get lots of pets. Investigate emptiness under tree. Scratch relatives. Ponder existence.

Decide to climb tree. ♥

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