Femnista: Halloween 2011

Everything touches us in some way or another. For some of us, Harry Potter was not just a phenomenon but a life-altering experience. Some may find it hard to believe that could be true but for me it is. I believe Christians can find inspirational material in a multitude of places, not the least of which are the magical corridors of Hogwarts.

I knew when introducing this theme and making the choice to put out a special issue on Halloween that it would raise a few eyebrows, but it was also a challenge to my writers to stretch their appreciation of art, literature, and film and seek out truth wherever it resides. I would like to say I am surprised at the result but I’m not. I have the immense pleasure of working with talented and gifted individuals who can peer into the heart and soul of different mediums and glean nuggets of wisdom from them. In these pages you will find references to and explorations of magic, read more about the positives and negatives of the vampire craze, discern different kinds of lasting love, realize the impact a musical score has, learn that not all monsters are creatures but that some are profoundly human, and discover new and exciting worlds …

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