Ghost Whisperer

Last season, Ghost Whisperer broke my heart and put the pieces together again. I know a lot of people did not like the direction it went in, and at first I didn’t like it either, but there is something special about it. The new season starts next weekend and to warm up, I am rewatching the first season. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is mine. I laugh and cry over all the episodes, and sometimes am scared out of my mind.

Melinda Gordon can see and talk to dead people. It is her gift, her reason for living, her purpose, to help people cross into the light. Often they die with unfinished business, anguish, regrets, or people who need them. She helps them say farewell and move on. It involves a lot of accusations (“how dare you try to make a profit off our grief” — even though she never asks for money) and hurt feelings (no one ever sticks around who was “at peace”), but in the end hearts are mended and rifts are healed, and she can go to sleep knowing she has done something good in the world.

I think the reason people are so drawn to stories like this one is because deep down, we’re unsure about what happens after we die. Christians believe something, but those who don’t have faith don’t know — and that is a scary thought. It comforts them to think they might have a chance to say goodbye, that something exists outside death. That death is not “the end” of living. And I understand that. I really do. It was an immense comfort to me when my grandmother died to believe she had gone to heaven, to know she was safe and happy and would never hurt again. I have lost people. We all lose people. But it hurts a little less if we can believe they don’t cease to exist.

Ghosts… scare us. I am not sure why. Maybe not because they are “dead people,” but because we cannot see or interact with them, just “sense their presence.” Maybe what scares us is the unknown — not knowing if they exist or not, if they are there. I don’t believe in ghosts. Not in the traditional sense, anyway. I do know that things have happened to the people I love that cannot be explained. I also know that God is beyond our imagination, and that His ways are not ours. My dad once met a ghost, or an angel in the guise of one. She or “it” had a profound impact on his life at a crucial time. I also know that the “ghost” of Samuel is in the Bible.

Do ghosts exist?

I don’t know.

What do you think?

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