Top 10 TV Couples

Everyone has their own personal list of the couples that make television worth watching — for the angst, the romance, the charm, the sweetness. Vampire Slayers and Vampires, Aliens and Humans, Super Heroes and their American counterparts. Everyone has favorites, and here are mine.

1. Buffy & Angel
(Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel)

He emerged from the darkness one night as she crossed the street, a tall, dark and mysterious man Buffy fell for before she knew he was a Vampire. She was the Slayer, and he was her “soul mate.” From the moments of sweet sincerity to bitter rivalry and defeat, they made us laugh, smile, and cry more than any other couple on television.

2. Max & Liz

It all started with a bullet one day after school. It spiraled through the air and flattened Liz. It would have taken her life if it hadn’t been for Max — who with a single silvery hand print, brought her back to life — and forever changed her destiny. In a small alien-obsessed town, the extra-terrestrial and the human made us believe in true love.

3. Veronica & Logan
(Veronica Mars)

It didn’t start in the way of a typical romance. In fact, it took ages before these two became a couple, but once they did, audiences never forgot them. Spoiled, obnoxious Logan started out bashing smart-ass Veronica’s headlights and wound up snogging her midway through the season. Why? Because beneath the sarcasm, there was a connection. Their love wasn’t perfect and had its fair share of doubts, accusations, and mishaps, but in Logan’s words, it was “epic.”

4. Mick & Beth

The web journalist and the vampire… not your typical blend of romantic intensity, but Mick and Beth proved love is stronger than anything as they put their lives on the line to protect one another — and Mick’s secret. From their first meeting to that final kiss, audiences were swept along in the rush of enthusiasm, adrenaline, and chemistry that made them unforgettable.

5. Lex & Lana

One of the greatest male-female friendships in television took a romantic turn after five years. It ended in blood and tears but while it lasted, it was the sexiest thing on television. Lana Lang was warned by everyone to stay away from multi-millionaire Lex Luthor, but he transformed her into a woman of strength — and she brought out the best in him… while it lasted. (Or until the writers started smoking crack.)

6. Jim & Melinda
(Ghost Whisperer)

One of the few happily married couples on television, Jim was a surprisingly patient, understanding, and wonderful husband to Melinda, owner of a small antiques shop but who in her spare time, helps ghosts “find the light.” They are adorable — from Melinda hiding behind him during horror movie marathons, to his pitiful attempts to “fix up” the house. Not even the occasional argument prevented this couple from everlasting love — even beyond the grave.

7. Drusilla & Spike
(Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Forget Spuffy, the best thing about Buffy was the psychotic pairing of Drusilla, a half-whacked vampire with severe mental problems, and the sarcastic fiend known as Spike. Whether planning world domination and destruction or torturing one another for kicks, this bloodthirsty couple blazed into town, knocked over the “Welcome to Sunnydale” sign, and became a constant source of angst and amusement that fascinated us all.

8. Nine & Rose
(Doctor Who, 1st Season)

Okay, so they never were a couple-couple, but the chemistry and sweetness between Doctor Who and Rose was fantastic. He saved her from walking plastic mannequins and she became his companion through numerous worlds and adventures. The charm was gone when the Doctor changed forms, but for 13 glorious episodes we understood just why theirs was a true, lasting love… with a little dose of “crazy” on the side.

9. & 10. Lois & Clark
(Smallville, Lois & Clark)

Long before future Superman started looking at the bossy Lois Lane with stars in his eyes, we saw it written in the skies. Obnoxious and blunt, she came to town and changed his world — from flirting to fighting, banter to insults, adventures and moments of quiet contemplation, it is never dull around the Kent Farm or the Daily Planet when these two are involved. Best of all? It’s not over yet.

Every television show has a romance. Even if it’s just a glance. What are some of your favorites?

5 thoughts on “Top 10 TV Couples

Add yours

  1. Awww, you mentioned Nine/Rose! I’m totally squeeing!

    Wow, I recognize 7 out of 10. Not bad. You’re making me want to watch them all again, you evil person.

    Poor Mulder and Scully. Just didn’t make the cut. 😉

  2. Love thhis blog and enjoyed the comments! Now if I may, I’d like to take a moment and shamelessly promote my new book, “Beth:Love Along The Way….by B.G.Sanford,” and just released by Eloquent Books. It’s a wonderful romance taking place during some of life’s darkest times, and can’t be considered “light weight” by any stretch of the imagination. Hope you get an opportunity to read it. It’s a book you won’t soon forget.
    All my best,

  3. Oooh, these are all good choices! I used to looove Lois and Clark! It was probably the first tv show I ever sat down and watched in earnest.

    Um…my favourite TV couples would probably be….Niles and Daphne from Frasier, Murphy and Jerry Gold from Murphy Brown, and Fran and Maxwell from The Nanny. Oh! And Vincent and Catherine from the tv show Beauty and the Beast!

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