Why I Hate Elena Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries


I have a confession to make: I used to like Elena Gilbert. But that affection has long since died. I’m not sure where it started, but my dislike of her shifted into full-blown hatred last season, when her vampire emotions amplified that nasty little habit she has of making everything about her, all the time. True, the Salvatore brothers have always made everything “all about Elena,” but when SHE makes it “all about Elena,” that’s when I start having a problem with it.

The thing about INTPs is that when we like someone, we purposefully ignore all their faults. Once our trust in them is violated or they go one step too far, that nice, cushion-y barrier of “protective ignorance” comes down, leaving all their faults visible to us in blazing neon lights. Back when I used to like Elena, I took her behavior as externally-focused and excused it as “caring about her friends.” But in retrospect, without my cushion-y barrier up, I’ve come to realize she’s been selfish from the beginning.

My moment of clarity happened when Elena decided to kill off an Original. See, when you kill an Original, everyone in that Original’s line of descendants dies. That means if someone figured out how to kill Klaus, Katherine, Damon, Stefan, and precious Elena would all die. To save one person, because “I can’t lose anyone else,” and to fulfill Jeremy’s hunter’s mark so that SHE could get the cure, Elena killed an Original and by proxy, thousands of vampires—good and evil, without pausing to consider that somewhere out there may have been a girl just like her, in love with a “good” vampire who woke up the next morning to find him dead.


Then, there’s her interaction with her friends. Caroline repeatedly warns her off Damon because she has experience with Damon, who compelled, controlled, and abused her, used her as a human blood bag, and tried to kill her at least twice. But Elena doesn’t want to hear it, because she loves Damon. Once again, it’s all about her. The “true” Elena comes out when she turns her humanity off and tries to kill Caroline – many times, because Caroline irritates her. Then, when her humanity comes back on, Elena doesn’t want to talk about it, because SHE can’t deal with it. Gee, I’m sorry, sweetie… I’m sorry you tried to kill your best friend multiple times and can’t talk about this seriously traumatic experience with the person you really, really hurt, because it pains YOU too much to remember it. It’s your responsibility to suck it up and deal with it, because Caroline matters more than you do right now.

Then there’s Bonnie, who has been dead all summer. Yet somehow, in spite of sending numerous texts and e-mails in which Bonnie never actually physically calls her back, Elena doesn’t concern herself with Bonnie until she needs something from her—for Bonnie to come back and heal Stefan’s amnesia.* Way to be a friend, Elena. Oh, and while you’re at it, why not try and help Stefan get his memory back by acting out all YOUR important moments with him, instead of, you know, taking him around Mystic Falls and talking about all HIS important moments? His family? Friends? Lexi? Because what really matters here is YOU getting Stefan back, because once again, it’s all about you and your compulsive need to have every guy in Mystic Falls worship the ground you love on, and be friends with you even after you crush his heart while you figure out YOUR feelings.


I want the old Elena back, the one who really did care about other people and put their needs first, the one whose willingness to help Damon brought him out of the darkness into the light, the one who didn’t have to make everything about her. That was the Elena I liked, the Elena of the first couple of seasons. The Elena that Elijah looked into and saw the goodness of her heart. Yes, Elena, Elijah. Remember him? The one who did anything and everything he had to, to protect his family, but had the decency to feel remorse in threatening your life to get what he wanted. The Elijah who comforted YOU in one of your darkest moments of non-humanity, who felt genuine grief over the death of YOUR brother, and never said a word about how YOU killed HIS little brother. That Elijah.

Elijah has been my favorite character since he arrived. Gee, I wonder why.

*Spelling it all out really reveals how super-pathetic and soapy this show is. =P

PS: Lest you think I’m harping on Nina Dobrev — I’m not. I think she’s insanely talented and I absolutely love her Katherine Pierce — but Katherine is SUPPOSED to be selfish, since she’s the anti-heroine. Your heroine shouldn’t be just as selfish as your villain if you want people to like her. Oh, and by the way, Stefan, stop acting like a selfish martyr all the time or you’ll be on my hate list, too.

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  1. 99.9 percent agree with you all the way! She really needs a raincheck – in retrospect, she deserves lesser than Stefan and Damon (and Matt kinda). Knowing how CW and all TV series end their TV shows, she’ll probably die in the end telling both Damon and Stefan how much she loves them both – which concludes in Stefan’s diary of him and Damon moving on, but united; cause seriously? If we focus on Damon and Stefan, you’ll realise how strong their family bond is (in a love/hate/angry/destorying way).

    Julie Plec should really focus on the character development instead of making it a twilight remake – no moral or context to it.

    • I honestly don’t know how they would end it at this point, because if she winds up with either Salvatore brother and the other one is still alive, half the fans will be angry! When you create a love triangle in a show, you are forever running the risk of upsetting half your fan base at any given time — which, to me, is stupid. If anything, I suspect one Salvatore will die, leaving Elena to live “happily ever after” with the other one. *gag*

      Twilight is crap, but it’s still better than THIS crap. :P

  2. To be honest, I never liked her. I found her annoying and selfish in the first season, for example…. When Caroline became a vampire, it was kind of Elena’s fault (kind of), you know because Katherine turned her…. And Elena hadn’t told her the truth….. AND Elena never said anything like ‘I’m so sorry this happened to you Caroline’ Nothing! She always cared more about herself but her friends always save her. I way prefer Caroline. Elena thinks she’s too perfect, where as Caroline wants to be but knows she’s not.

    • In retrospect, yes, she’s selfish. I didn’t really see it until later in the series, though. But like you, I always much preferred Caroline — she’s a much nicer person, more focused on other people than herself. Elena would kill someone to protect Stefan — Caroline wouldn’t. It’s not just all about what she wants.

  3. Oh I thought I was about to explode when all my friends were on the defend Elena train. I seriously cannot stand her and I thought I was the only one. Before I start my rant, can I just say I love you guys<3 haha okay now; I never liked her and now hitting mid season 4 where she killed another original, like WTF how are people okay with that? And omg yes thank you Rebekah, she finally said what I’ve been thinking this whole time. That maybe they aren’t so different after all. They both do what they do for their loved ones. But Elena single-handedly orchestrated the death of two originals and literally stabbed Rebekah in the back. If I was Rebekah, oh man, Elena would not be walking around being the selfish ass bitch she is. Like yeah, those two originals weren’t necessarily good people but what makes her so different from them? She has blood on her hands too and because those two were originals, she has so much more blood on her hands than she can count. I just don’t understand? How are people just okay with that? Killing an original means killing their entire bloodline. How is that justified? And that concludes my anger of the moment, hanks for reading my rant(:

    • Feel free to rant — this is a safe place to do it. ;)

      It… isn’t justified. It just isn’t. I realize that Kol was a threat and largely uncontrollable, but if Bonnie could trap Klaus inside that house after they murdered Kol, she could have trapped Kol inside the house too. Also, why not call Elijah? He’s always managed his siblings — between he and Klaus, I think they had enough ways to control Kol without planning his murder for a selfish reason. That’s really what it comes down to — Elena wanted to complete the hunter’s mark all at once, by killing thousands of vampires in one go. Nice plan… if you care nothing about innocent third parties.

  4. Oh thank heavens that I have found so many Elena Haters :D. Really I think my dislike of her character a few episodes into the fourth season. She had been whinny since the beginning. She is unbearable in s5.

    I love Elijah(who does not). Remember the time she conspired with his bitch witch of a mother to kill all the originals including Elijah? The witch who brought Klaus’ wrath on the world by putting that curse on him and then abandoning him? Klaus had to pay for something SHE did. Yes he is manipulative and psychopathic but who would not turn into a complete psycho after years and years of parental abuse and abandonment? If Klaus is evil, so is everyone else on the show ( save for my dear Matt <3). Even my favorite Elijah had done some terrible things. Elena you have slept around. slaughtered, conspired , manipulated- how are you different from Klaus ?

    I stand Damon anymore. I can see why Klaus acts the way he does. He was abused, abandoned, rejected and humiliated and cursed. So I get where he is coming from. WTF is wrong with Damon? I have given up on TVD period. I love the originals. I love the fact they have created a multifaceted character out of a fairly one dimensional Klaus. I am surprised at myself actually but I am rooting for the guy :)

    Speaking of Katherine, I can’t stand her. She should die and stay dead. I watched degrassi, 2nd generation. Sorry Nina, I did not like you as Mia too.
    Someone mentioned the books. Yeah I have read ALL of them. Elena was NOT a slutty bitch there.

    • Oh, you’re not alone in your hatred for Elena. She really is unbearable this season – but then, the entire SHOW, in my opinion, is unbearable.
      I love Elijah, and I like Caroline, although my opinion of her went in the toilet once she slept with Klaus, thereby turning her into a big, fat hypocrite for judging Elena for being with Damon. Elijah is the most honorable one in the bunch. Klaus is an abusive, childish psychopath. I’m afraid I can’t share your fondness for him, but at least we have a mutual contempt for Elena, right?

      • Yes I agree with you, completely and absolutely :) – on both counts actually. I always wondered how could she judge Damon for his lack of humanity when she herself killed 12 people !!!! Not to mention she killed someone the day she turned into a bloody vampire no pun intended. :D loved your article by the way. Keep posting.

  5. Elenas a bitch…shes the one who always needs to be saved.I liked her more as a human she was so caring (kinda got annoying) and now as a vampire shes a slutty brat.i still dont know why stefen still wants her, he can do so much better.shes such a hypocrite. Its like i like it when somebody physically hurts he.Katherine is a bitch but at least she admits she is.shes so selfish she doesn’t realize shes killed so many innocent people to her pathetic self .she sleeps around with damon…thinking its ok but when stefen sleeps with Katherine its not ok..so who else thinks elena should rot in hell??sure as hell i do

  6. Preach it!
    I am totally on the hate train when it comes to one Elena Gilbert.
    It is sad, because I really, really wanted to love the show.
    But the main character (Elena) fails what I call the Acathla Test. Namely, if the only way to save the world is to kill the person you love most, would you save the world?
    I forget her exact quote, but Elena basically says she would be there making out with Angel (as played by the Salvatore Brothers) as the world gets flushed into hell. And her actions back that up.
    Considering she moved Heaven and Earth to protect Klaus, who murdered the woman who was raising her, it would not surprise me if she would still protect Stefan if he bathed in the entrails of a busload of preschoolers then had a freshly-squeezed baby-smoothie in a Jeremy-skull sippy cup as a chaser right in front of her.

    Yeah. Kinda hate the moral relativism that permeates the show. On the plus side, it did provoke a Buffy marathon at my house. So all ended well.

    • Yeah, when you compare Elena to Buffy, Elena really looks like a selfish brat. Buffy saved the world and died to save it WITHOUT whining about it. And she sent Angel into a hell dimension because she had to — in spite of loving him.

      Goodness, I miss heroines like Buffy!

    • As soon as I saw Acathla I had a laugh and realized I’d met another buffy lover! Although I would have to say that stefan is Angel and Damon would probably be Spike

      • Technically, I think TVD books came out before Buffy did, so if anything, Angel is modeled after Stefan and Spike after Damon. But it’s fairly obvious they’re ripping off plot points from Buffy now.

  7. Sounds about right, Granted a majority of characters on the show are selfish, granted Damon and Katherine are quite upfront about it, Damon is a sadist and Katherine is narcissistic but what makes them better than Elena is that they admit it, even Caroline admits she’s selfish. By the way aside from Matt and Jeremy and Bonnie, who on that cast of characters hasn’t murdered anyone? Even Caroline has commited mass murder

    • I prefer honest selfishness to sneaky selfishness.

      True — they’re all murderers, and all of them have justified it by protecting their “small circle” of friends. Not much concern for humanity, is there?

  8. I’m so glad I am not alone! Honestly I tried to like Elena, and I actually did in season one and two (maybe three as well). But unfortunately, she became boring. And I feel like she always repeats herself by accusing others with something. And she is SO WHINY! Why Elena are you so whiny about everything? I totally get that she had a very hard time with everything that happened to her, but honestly the producers are able to create characters that can deal with huge problems in a cool way that makes all the fans love the character even more, but somehow that misses when we talk about Elena. I mean Nina Dobrev does a really good job playing two characters and I love Katherine. I just wish Elena would be cool in her way as well. You know it would be kinda cool to like the protagonist of the show, if that’s missing how long will the show be able to keep going?

  9. ahhhhh – glad I am not alone!! :) I just finished season 3 and I already am getting annoyed of Elena. It annoys me how it is ALWAYS about her. Yes, I get the show revolves around her but there are other characters and shes annoying me now… I plan on finishing season 4 this weekend so I can only imagine how my feelings for her will change! AHH!

    • No, you’re not alone. A LOT of people can’t stand Elena, particularly from season two onward. Season five is midway through and … UGH. I’m teetering on the edge of just quitting the show, I can’t stand ANYONE anymore.

  10. Wow I can’t believe I wasted my time reading this blog your all a bunch of bitchy ass girls nitpicking little details out of a whole character. Taking elena as a whole character she has still done so many unselfish things continuously but because your choosing to look for the bad things and aren’t really trying to look for good you create this idea in your mind that elena is so much of a worse character than she is I’ve had this conversation about a lot of shows and characters and people all do the same thing. Don’t be so quick to judge when you could make the same decisions a character made if you were in the situation. I hate people sometimes

    • Elena thinks she owns people. She tries to control them. And when that fails, she becomes sullen and whiny about it. She’s not okay with Stefan dating anyone except her, even though she’s with Damon. Her family, her emotions, and her beliefs come first. She’s an introverted feeler on the MBTI spectrum and since I’m an extroverted feeler, actually, I wouldn’t make the same choices as Elena. She’s a different personality type than I am. I’m more likely to make choices like Elijah does, which is why I like him as well as I do. (Although he has too much faith in people. I’m more of a skeptic.)

  11. I agree, Elena sucks and needs to get completely heart broken. Sleeping with Damon like that is horrible, especially after all the crap he has done to her best friend Caroline during season one. I started hating her too after the 1st couple of seasons, and now it’s full blown hatred. I hate her whining/crying ass. I still like Stephan a lot, wish he gets a better girl that he falls deeply in love with, and I hope the girl is someone that Elena is/becomes extremely jeolous of. I hope Matt falls deeply in love with Rebecca too, becomes a vampire to be with her always, cause he’s been stuck on Elena since the beginning too. Lastly, I hope Damon breaks up with Elena permanently and admits that he just wanted his brother all to himself (or some other lame excuse) and that she never did it for him. In actuality he still cares for Katherine, and that’s the only reason why he was even slightly interested in Elena. Pretty much, just completely screw Elena. That’s the way the show should end. Elena’s a damn selfish slut and deserves it.

  12. I completely agree about Elena! She is so selfish parading around as if she is caring. She’s scandalous for hopping from brother to brother and having the nerve to get upset with Stefan for sleeping with Katherine?! Like who does her character think she is?! Not only is she foul for sleeping with her ex’s brother but after what Damon did to her friend… Excuse me bestfriend?? Yea sure she wasn’t that great of a friend before she became a Vampire but if Damon can act like that toward her then how can Elena even date him? I love Stefan though because he’s real and he is so patient and selfless for not hating Elena. I also love Elijah, Klaus, and Rebecca despite there character’s flaws they have a noble aspect to them!

    • Elena thinks she owns Stefan and Damon, so them sleeping with anyone else is a big “no no.” SHE can sleep with one or other of them if she likes, but they are not allowed to move on or cease loving her. *grumble grumble complain*

      I love Elijah and tolerate Rebecca, but I despise Klaus. He’s a manipulative, abusive man who pretty fits all the warnings for a psychopath (repeated abuses, followed by routine blaming of his bad behavior on those he abused, by claiming if they wouldn’t make him upset, they wouldn’t get hurt). Ugh.

  13. I completely agree. It pisses me off that Elena is ALWAYS highlighted as the most caring, selfless person in the show, when in reality almost everything she does is insanely selfish. I hate when people are given reputations they don’t deserve. I like Katherine because she doesn’t try to act all high and mighty and pretend she’s something she’s not. And I COMPLETELY agree with the Elijah thing. He really is a great character. He does not get enough screen time at all.

    • Damon and Stefan are the ones calling her selfless and caring — but that’s only because they think the sun shines out of her backside. =P

      Elijah is magnificent. Shame I have to put up with another selfish brat — Klaus — to get to see much of him on The Originals!

  14. thank goodness. people who understand. i’m rewatching tvd on my computer at the moment an i’m so frustrated with elena. I don’t remember when I started to hate elena. I think late season 3 early season 4. people say she’s nice and caring but she’s an annoying little twat. she’s just like Katherine. the only difference is Katherine doesn’t try and act like a perfect innocent angel. Katherine is one of my favs. anywho. elena. expects everyone to do things her way and when they don’t she cracks the shits. she’s so judgemental. she judges Jeremy with the whole Anna ghost thing but if it happened to her she’s make bonnie find a way to make things work no matter the consequences. . she judges Stefan for choosing to feed instead of dying during his transition, later on she ends up drinking blood. she judges Caroline for wanting her [Elena] to blow out the birthday candles and move on with her life. Elena ends up telling Caroline on her birthday/funeral to move on with her life and get over being a vampire. she judges Rebekah for hurting her family. even though Elena actually killed her brother, Kol and stabbed her in the back and daggered Elijah. she judges everyone but she does the same thing or even worse. she thinks she’s so moral and is always right. like that time she thought it was right to make Jeremy leave mystic falls and forget Vicki. I understand her intentions. I actually think that it was one of the less selfish things she’s done but she had no right taking his choices away from him. she’s a bloody Mary sue and doesn’t take Stefan of Damon’s feelings into consideration. I hope they both get sick of her and she ends up with neither.
    I never actually thought about the part where she kills an original, breaking some poor girls heart. it was so peed off about that btw. Kol was my favourite character. it literally took me weeks to overcome it. any who, that was a really good point. she’s so manipulative and is a bad person full stop. I just can’t stand her. it’s also annoying how everyone keeps trying to save her and how everyone gets hurt because of her.
    sorry I didn’t mean to write a whole thing on her it’s just once I get started I can’t stop. hate isn’t even close to a good enough word describing how I feel about her. egh!! her self-righteous attitude infuriates me so much. sorry. I’m just going to shut up now.

    • I like Katherine — because she is up front about being a total bitch! Elena is passive-aggressive in her bitchiness and as you pointed out, one of the most judgmental people on the planet — who turns around and accuses Caroline of being judgmental. Excuse me?! Hypocrite!

      Kol was fabulous. He was entertaining and fun and I miss him.

      Not even sure I’m going to finish watching this season when it returns. I’m so over it.

  15. Okay. If you didn’t know, almost every show has “character development.” Just because a character changes doesn’t mean you have go all condescending. In the books, Elena is changed into a vampire and she becomes human again. All of the facts you posted above did happen in the books-meaning her attitude and selfishness, not the true scenes. She still had a good heart and she was transformed into an angel. In the books, Angels are good, hearted creatures who serve their lord. Or, have you not read the books? I respect your opinion, and by damn, I hope you respect my mine.

    • LOL, you mean condescending like you just were? ;)

      Yes, I’m aware shows should have character development. Damon has had great character development — he’s improved as a person and as a character. Alas, I used to like Elena and now I can’t stand the sight of her. And that’s my right, as a viewer.

      I read a couple of the books and then quit.

      • Okay, don’t go all bitchy if someone shares their “great” opinion about your favorite actress of character because they’re not exactly what you expected. -_-

        • Life is full of easy ways to avoid things that upset you. If you happen to adore Elena and see a post that says why someone else hates her — avoiding that post is the perfect way to avoid getting upset for no reason. Life is too short to be mad at people you disagree with.

  16. I was glad to run across this blog….I am getting really annoyed with Elena and the show. I realize that they can’t keep couples happy for long, but the show hasn’t given us any great Damon/Elena moments after some of us waited forever for them to be together. The way Elena is treating Damon is shameful…..it’s ALL about Stefan, yet she expects Damon to just sit back and take it. And the way she’s hanging around and flirting with this new guy at college is irritating too. perhaps Damon needs to flirt and obsess over other women and see how she likes it. and Caroline needs to lay off Elena about Damon, because STEFAN was NO ANGEL either!!!!!

    • The last couple of seasons have really been disappointing — the doppleganger thing, the sire bond, and now the whole “destiny” element of Stefan and Elena is just… ugh. It used to be one of my favorite shows, and now I only halfheartedly watch it.

    • Of course Stefan was no angel but Caroline was abused and manipulated by Damon. You can’t really argue with her anger no one gets over being abused it’s hard enough that he still has to be in her life but someone she cared about (jesse) was sacrificed to save the guy she hates.I’d be mad and hurt she’s watching out for her friend cause he wasn’t good to her when they were together.

  17. Definitely agree with you. At first I couldn’t stand Caroline, but she became one of my favourite, and Elijah, well… <3. I feel sorry for Bonnie too : she's doing all the hard work, looses pretty much everyone she cares for, but Elena gets to say "I can't stand to loose another person" ? come on !
    Also, I'm very irritated when a character, like Stefan, says "I promess, everything's gonna be all right" : do not make promises you're not sure to keep. And indeed, things get worse and worse… but I still like this show nonetheless !

    • I always did like Caroline, but have come to like her even more as the obvious differences between her and Elena have become apparent. Caroline seeks to do things for OTHER people, whereas for Elena, it’s all about what SHE wants, all the time.

      Poor Bonnie has been mistreated from the start; she gives and gives and gets nothing in return. :(

      I’m an addict; I keep watching this show even when it abuses me, but at some point it’ll go to far and I’ll quit. But hey, at least “The Originals” is good so far.

    • ikr, and both brothers risk their lives just to save her life all the fricken time!!!! -.-’ And it is all elena’s fault that Alaric, Jenna, And Vicki are dead, and bonnie’s mom is a vampire. She says she wants to protect the one she loves but she doesn’t, instead she hurts them and sometimes ends ups killing them. And first she’s with Stefan then breaks up then back to him and now she kisses Damon and then is with Damon and sleeps with him, like WTF MAN!!!!???? T-T Then now she says she’s in love with Damon, ooooh… this is going way too far. I’ll just stop talking before i say any more shitty things about her, oh, and why doesn’t other people see how bad and awful she is.
      -Thank You for reading is you did. :)

      • Well… technically, it’s Klaus’ fault that Jenna is dead. Alaric is on Klaus’ mother. Vicki is Damon’s fault. But yes, Elena is a hypocrite who wavers back and forth between the brothers, unfairly playing them off one another, and thinking only of her small inner circle.

  18. I’ve been wondering if I should watch The Vampire Diaries. I watched the pilot episode a few years ago and was very unimpressed but pretty much everyone says that the show picked up halfway through S1. Would you say that the audience is SUPPOSED to dislike Elena now? I can deal with unlikeable characters in fiction but what really drives me up the wall is when characters are unlikeable and yet the writers still want you to sympathise with them.

    • Yeah, the show took awhile to get really good — maybe midway through the first season? Season two was fantastic, season three was okay, season four was a disaster, and so far season five is “meh.” You might want to consider the spin-off, “The Originals,” instead — it actually does have likable characters.

      I think the writers love Elena and intend the audience to love her too, but… she’s so selfish I can’t. I much prefer Caroline.

      • You prefer Caroline the hypocrite, the control freak, the Stefan worshiper? Interesting!
        Caroline never was a true friend to Elena!
        Jesse died because of Stefan going all ripper on him and Caroline had to feed him her blood to save his life. Wes killed him to get a vampire to experiment on. Elena had to stake him to save Damon!
        Would you let a vampire ripper kill your boyfriend just because Caroline wants you to?
        Jesse died on Caroline’s watch so she’s feeling guilty about his death. If Elena did not stake Jesse somebody else would have! And by the way: Jesse started feeding on Caroline so Jesse would have killed her eventually and good riddance.
        Damon saved Caroline’s ass many times after he mistreated her in season one so they are quit.

        And Caroline has no right or business judging Elena’s relationship with Damon because guess what Stefan is a full blown ripper, a time bomb ticking away and always ready to go off. Why didn’t hypocrite Caroline blame Stefan for Jesse’s death? hmmm I didn’t think so so give me a break with all the hypocrisy!

        Elena had to kill Kol for self defense. He attacked her and her brother and he won’t quit trying to off them both so they killed him. And why is Kol the great person now? Interesting accusations against Elena! Why don’t you check all facts before harping about how selfish Elena is?
        How selfish was Stefan in turning Jeremy into a hunter just so he can fix his former broken toy and get back the human Elena? Why don’t you point that out?
        So please if you are going to judge here use the same standards for everybody, will you! Geez!

        • Caroline was never a true friend to Elena? Oh, okay. I guess Caroline forgiving Elena for trying to kill her multiple times wasn’t friendship then. Yes, Caroline is a little controlling and judgmental; she’s an ESFJ. They just roll that way. But that is, in part, because they’re trying to protect everyone in their life from being hurt. They care about EVERYONE, not just their little inner circle of friends.

          Would you let a vampire ripper kill your boyfriend just because Caroline wants you to?

          No. I’d snap his neck, render him unconscious, and then put him somewhere safe until they figured out how to wean him off his lust for vampire blood. Because, clearly, there is a cure — Damon is now a vampire ripper, and the writers sure as hell won’t kill off Damon, so there WILL BE A SOLUTION somewhere.

          You’re right — letting someone save your life makes up for him compelling you into being a human bloodbag, and feeding on you during sex. My bad.

          Sadly, the writers have turned Caroline into a hypocrite of late. I’m not talking about Stefan, either. Stefan is the person who helped Caroline through her transition. She saw the best part of him, not the worst. But she slept with Klaus — who is by far the most abusive, murderous, cold-hearted asshole on the face of the earth, whose list of evil deeds far outweighs Damon’s actions. If she continues to complain about Elena’s relationship with Damon after that — yeah, she’s a full-blown hypocrite.

          Still pondering why Elena didn’t call Elijah about the Kol problem. Even Klaus was going to stop him. Kol was a loose cannon, it’s true, but I never defended his actions — I called out Elena on doing something that, if someone else did it to her, she would pitch a hissy fit over. Elena only ever thinks about a) herself, and b) a small immediate circle of friends. She never deals with the fall-out, she never looks beyond her limited range of vision, and she never considers how her actions will negatively impact innocent parties.

          You want brutal honesty? Everyone on this show is selfish; I pointed out Elena, because she’s by far the most selfish main character I’ve ever seen. Selfishness in secondary characters is expected, but we’re supposed to LIKE Elena — and I don’t, not anymore. Where the hell is Buffy when you need her? THAT was a heroine.

          But just for kicks:
          Elena – well covered
          Stefan – controlling personality with a martyr complex
          Damon – intentional psychopath who kills people whenever he’s pissed off
          Bonnie — a selfish brat who treats her friends like crap whenever they have a disagreement about anything
          Caroline — an insecure, neurotic, control freak
          Matt — boring as hell, a bit preachy
          Tyler — an attempted rapist
          Jeremy — a whiny, pathetic, suicidal non-entity

          The Originals:
          Kol – a psychopath, but the most honest and sincere one of the bunch (at least he’s not bipolar)
          Klaus – an abusive, controlling, insecure psychopath with bipolar tendencies
          Elijah – a hypocrite (it’s all about family — except for Kol)
          Rebekah – a backstabbing, insecure brat

          Essentially, this show has gone down the toilet since season 2.

  19. Oh, and I like your new layout. It makes it easy to read the articles you want. :) (Though I read all of them, even if I don’t always comment.)

  20. Was her journey from selfish to completely narcissistic a natural one, or was it just out of the blue (I know you’ve mentioned that some characters just changed for no reason other than to further the writers’ ideas). I hate when the character you’ve liked all along changes like that.

    • I honestly don’t know. I think it could be that when she became a vampire, she got more selfish — because that was the season where I really started disliking her. So yes, she changed abruptly with the excuse that the vamprism did it? I don’t know, I’ve given up looking for logic on this show. LOL

      New layout: I like it too, but I’m not sure about the font size. Alas, that’s not something I can change in the coding. Oh, well. I’ll leave it for awhile.

      • But if you’ve said there are some “good” vampires, that’s a pretty flimsy excuse to have her become so loathsome. It really does sound like an intriguing show, but I don’t need another show to suck me in!

        Do you think the size is too big or small? I have no problems reading it.

        • There are good vampires — Elijah, for example. So yeah, either way — Elena has gone through an identity crisis and never recovered from it. =P

          It’s an addictive show but I won’t encourage you to get hooked on it. Heh.

          Small. It looks bigger on my work computer than it does on my home computer — but I have a really high resolution at home, so that may make it look smaller for me. (Good to know it’s an okay font size for other people!)

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