Femnista April May 2012

March / April 2012: Edwardian Era

The Edwardian Era is known for some of its great novelists, for Rudyard Kipling, J.M. Barrie, H.G. Wells, Beatrix Potter, and P.G. Wodehouse. Many wonderful stories are set in this era, in books and on screen, as you will discover as you peruse these pages.

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in this issue:

Downton Abbey, Titanic, Somewhere in Time, Beatrix Potter, As Time Goes By, The House of Mirth, L.M. Montgomery, A Room With a View, My Fair Lady, J.M. Barrie .

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April 1st, 2012

A Dangerous Method
2 out of 5
4 out of 5
Terra Nova
4 out of 5
3 out of 5

March 24, 2012

Mildred Pierce
2 out of 5
My Week With Marilyn
3 out of 5

About Charity

Charity Bishop is funny, quirky, analytical, a little sentimental, and occasionally forgetful, with an offbeat sense of humor, a tendency to like sci-fi, and a storehouse of knowledge about “useless trivia.” She gets fixated on learning things, and obsesses over them until she knows everything there is to know about them, then looks for something new to learn. She gets bored with “same-ness,” but is good at impartiality and seeing both sides in an argument. In fact, she’s likely to argue both sides for the sheer fun of it. She grew up in the church and was saved at a young age, but re-evaluated and re-dedicated her life to Christ three years ago. Since then, God has encouraged her to trust Him with her life and future – which sometimes is an uphill battle for a stubborn girl. As she struggles with understanding His ways along with her characters, He gently reveals the answers. He’s her co-author, both in the stories she tells and in her very own story. Her day job is a magazine editor, and her hobbies (other than writing books) include over-analyzing everything she comes into contact with, vigorously defending various incarnations of Sherlock Holmes against perceived injustices, irritating her friends with theological musings, and MBTI typing fictional characters.

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  1. I haven’t read Femnista or any of your reviews yet, but I keep meaning to ask you if you’ve seen the spoof, Downton Arby’s? If not, you should. It’s hilarious! In case you haven’t, here’s the link: http://screen.yahoo.com/downton-arby-s-28723019.html

  2. booktalkandmore

    Great issue! :)

  3. The issue looks amazing, everyone’s articles were fantastic! =)

  4. Cool! We get to share this??? ;-)

    Glad you had an impressive round of reviews to share, too.

    • Yup, go for it! =)

      I would have had more reviews, but I was too tired last night to watch two Netflix movies in a row. ;)

      • As you saw, I did. ;-)

        Well, that is understandable – Saturdays are my nights to stay up late watching movies or TV shows; generally it is a fun “tradition” unless I’ve had an otherwise exhausting day. =D

        BTW: Can I just say… I LOVE your new layout here – the only problem with this photo shoot is I wish there were TONS more!

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